Total Titanium Inc.

The Walden Group was one of the best things about our transaction. The Walden team is so much more than deal makers, they work tirelessly to understand and become part of your company. The Walden Group walks you thru every step of the process and constantly prepares you for what is coming up in the steps ahead. We appreciated the work that was done to not only make a deal happen but also to put our company in the best position possible for long term growth and success. The firm relentlessly searches the globe to find the partner that best suits your strategic goals. It this case it was Bausch + Lomb.

Richard, Adam, Stefanie and Team, thank you so much for everything you did for the Casey’s and Total Titanium Families.

- Brian and Ron Casey


I truly believe that our deal would not have closed without the Walden team’s expertise and skillful negotiation. Richard and the rest of the Walden team were incredible from Day 1. Our business had many nuances and intangibles that were difficult to capture using standard valuation methodology. The Walden team’s extensive experience in ophthalmology and focus on deeply understanding our business enabled them to effectively communicate the true value of these intangibles to prospective buyers. Our business also had many unique complexities which were challenging to manage throughout the process. Each and every time, the Walden team was proactive in addressing potential issues, effectively navigating us throughout the process. I am incredibly grateful that we were able to work with Walden on our deal, and I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with them again someday.

- Ravi and Ani Nallakrishnan

Riverpoint Medical

We know Riverpoint is a special company but we also know that from a distance outsiders could mischaracterize us as just another suture company in a niche dominated J&J. We choose The Walden Group because we wanted a piercing, non-cookie cutter approach. We wanted a firm that would roll up its sleeves and dig deep to fully understand every detail of implantable fiber and every nuance of our business and corporate personality. We wanted a firm that could appreciate and convey all dimensions of our special qualities. We wanted a firm with the experience and judgment to guide us through the transactional maze and help us select the merger partner best suited for us.  Your naming the project “Runway” perfectly described our huge potential and need to fly.

So, we thank you for all the amazing work you did for us.  Our entire family appreciated and enjoyed all the late nights, intensive calls, and fun dinners.  You are an inspiration and our memories will last forever.  You gave us a wonderful learning experience and a great result. Thanks to you, everyone at Riverpoint is moving forward to a bright future.


- - Pat, Cindy, Patrick, John and Mark Ferguson

Attentus Medical

Thank you so much for your expert preparation, advice, guidance and care in helping identify and secure a great home for Attentus. From start to finish, through all the twists and turns, your “full immersion” approach regarding our operations and philosophy made Walden a great representative to convey our company in all its dimensions. You were skilled in eliciting several attractive offers, negotiating each one, and finally arriving at the acquisition partner and transaction terms that best suited us. We fully appreciate all of your healthcare industry, financial, regulatory, legal and other technical services. We always felt that you had our backs corporately and personally. We are friends for life.

- Jason and Melissa Jodway, Principals

Millennium Surgical Corp.

It took Walden’s in-depth surgical instrument experience and market knowledge to capture and communicate all of the dimensions of Millennium’s new approach to surgical instrument sales and marketing. You brought to the table the industry’s most sophisticated players and helped them appreciate our inside technical sales model focused on high margin specialty instruments using cutting edge data driven inbound marketing techniques.

We can’t thank you enough for every step of the process, culminating in a valuation higher than we expected and terrific reinvestment terms. We deeply appreciate the goodwill you engender with all bidders to break logjams, resolve issues and facilitate a win/win deal.

- Robert Edelstein (CEO) and Stratis Narliotis (COO)