Life Systems, Inc.

Sincere thanks for the expert advisory work Walden provided me, my family and Life Systems in the sale to Steris. I know it was a bit unconventional to ask if Walden could represent both parties after you approached us on behalf of Steris. But after we got to know the personable and responsible manner in which Walden treats both sides, it seemed a natural request. We were so glad that Steris consented to your working on our behalf because we needed your “buttoned up” approach to make our case and clear the hurdles to closing. Your guidance to help us reflect the major investments in salespersons and other resources was pivotal in our valuation. Being able to persuasively present future growth and earnings as if it occurred now was key in obtaining a valuation that recognized the business engine we built.

By strengthening our side and our dealings with Steris, you added immeasurable value in getting the deal done.

- Jeff Lay, CEO

Halma p.l.c. (HLMA.L:LSE)

Thanks so much for your expert advisory work in regard to the MST transaction. Being an acquisitive company, Halma has a certain style and process of reviewing, valuing, negotiating, performing due diligence and closing a deal. I was very pleased with how you provided important contributions in all phases, most notably helping both us and the sellers come together on difficult issues. I considered you at all times an integral part of our team, promoting our best interests. This was especially on display as you helped tailor our approach to the unique needs of this transaction. I look forward to working with you and your team on the next acquisition.

- Adam Meyers, Chief Executive Officer, Health Optics Division

Steris Corporation (NYSE:STE)

Thanks for creating such a productive atmosphere for the TRE deal. It allowed us to process all the issues and conduct our diligence on our own terms. Closing two deals simultaneously was complicated and we appreciated the sense of order you help create and the sensible solutions you proposed, even though you were opposite us at the negotiating table.

- Jim Mooney and Greg Sharpe

Total Repair Express LLC

Thank you so much for your immense contribution in putting together the Steris deal. This was a complex transaction. We had seven entities and our entire business was in transition. Yet, you created a straight-forward comprehensive structure to explain, document and demonstrate more than 20 pro forma adjustments, which were fundamental to our valuation. You kept everything on an even keel and promoted a constructive atmosphere allowing both Steris and TRE, and all our advisors, to treat each other with credibility and trust. And your services extended well beyond the business terms, being concerned about my welfare and that or my organization.

We are very happy and appreciative.

- Christian Mills, CEO

Molnlycke Health Care

We at Molnlycke Health Care appreciated the support of Walden in helping us to align our aquisition criteria, facilitate our approach to the companies that met such criteria and ultimately helpe us to meet our goals and achieve success – a good job well done !!

- Phil Cooper – President Wound Care Division