Whitestone Corporation

Many thanks to you and the Walden Group for helping to bring our recent transaction to a successful close. This deal was very challenging for a variety of reasons and your nuanced, persistent and sensitive counsel as part of our team was integral to complet-ing it, especially under the current economic climate. In particular, your ability to foster friendly dialog on challenging points and break logjams during those pivotal points in our negotiations was instrumental in getting to a terrific conclusion. We are grateful for your assistance and look forward to working with you again on a future transaction.

- James Better, Chief Executive Officer

Colby Manufacturing Inc.

Now that our deal is completed, we wanted to thank you for your expert guidance from inception through closing. Your firm captured the essence of our company and skillfully communicated it to the screened parties interested in the deal. After all the work we put in to build the company, it was gratifying that you were able to persuasively convey the entry barriers protecting our important non-patented products — branding, product line quality and breadth, customer service, etc.

We appreciated your steering around competitors and potential competitors and your doggedness in winnowing the group of potential buyers to a smaller number that had the wherewithal and high motivation to make the deal and reduce the risk of not closing.

Your hands-on advice extended well-beyond the transaction, helping us with on employee matters, the size of trade show booth, personal tax issues and other matters important to our lives.

Last, we especially appreciate your ability to capture a full valuation, including the growth that we expect in the future. Can we finally pop the Champagne?

- Aaron Heinz and Kathy Feuerman

Taut Inc.

Just wanted to praise The Walden Group on its very skillful handling of the Taut transaction. We were asking for a big multiple and only a handful of medical device companies could have done the deal. From the compelling positioning and transactional materials, to the multiple presentations, to the relentless financial, legal and negotiating assistance, and most of all, the professional care and friendship you all displayed to our management and shareholder team, Walden represented us with expertise and savvy. Frankly, we were surprised that a transaction such as ours was so involved with nuance, political issues with large corporate buyers and intricate details. We were grateful to have you on our side.

- Raul Brizzuela, Vice President

Health Resources Corporation

I want to thank you for your part in all of this. It was a true pleasure to work with you. I have to compliment you on your ability to satisfy all sides and move a deal forward. The subtleties of your skills in this area did not go unrecognized. I appreciate your candor and ability to cut to the chase regarding the behavioral aspects of what is going on at any given time. Most people would not recognize the psychology of the deal the way that you do, es-pecially those involved in the thick of things. Yet the psychology of the deal is probably the most important aspect to bring a deal to closure.

- Deborah Talbott, President

Seattle Systems, Inc.

Just a word of appreciation for your fine work in completing the sale of Seattle Systems. We compliment you on the discrete and professional manner in which you conducted the process. We gave you tight time frames and you designed presentations, attracted interest from many buyers, arranged for site visits and conducted multi-party negotiations, culminating in a closing only four months from the date you were retained.

Every step was first class, reflecting not only the prominent points about Seattle Systems, but also the nuances, corporate culture and inner dynamics. Your weekly status reports to our Board of Directors were thorough and time-efficient, demonstrating that no stone was left unturned. Your insights into deal structuring, legal, financial and tax, were particularly helpful.

- Cal Andre, Former President, CEO and Chairman of the Board