Integra Life Sciences Corporation

Integra acquired Jarit Instruments, the Mayfield Neurosurgery System, Neuro Supplies and other companies represented by The Walden Group. Although Walden was on the other side of the negotiating table, they create a constructive functional atmosphere with expert hands-on involvement in solving the many deal issues that invariably arise. They are very sensitive to the tangible and intangible interests of both large public companies and smaller private ones. We welcome working with them, whether they represent us or not.

- Stuart Essig, Chairman of the Board

Current Solutions LLC

Three  years ago, I was on the opposite side of the table from Walden in negotiating the purchase of a Walden listed business.  I was so impressed with the honesty, integrity and effectiveness in which the Walden Group represented their client and treated us as the acquiring company, it made perfect since to ask you to represent us for a potential sale. 

I was  very  impressed with Walden’s deep healthcare clinical knowledge and extensive industry network.  Given the shifting landscape of healthcare reform, Walden’s understanding of the underlying dynamics and close relationships with so many industry players were important to how our company was presented and recognized by acquirors.

Walden took pains to prepare us individually and as an organization so that all dealings were as professional as the manner in which we run our business.  Walden was always a few steps ahead of the game in anticipating events before they occurred.

- Glynn Bloomquist, CEO

Bell-Horn Orthopedics

Thank you so much for your invaluable assistance in divesting Bell-Horn to DJO Global. As you advised, it was so important to spend the time in advance to organize the company, our financial reporting, our organization and our operations, so that the presentation of our company was Blue-chip, professional and effective. The Walden Group helped create credibility every inch of the way. All this effort and your firm’s interactions with other parties leveled the playing field and created the conditions for win-win negotiations on very attractive valuation and deal terms. There were so many details and subtleties that you kept us on top of. And, when our lawyers became involved, we appreciated your teamwork approach and pivotal contributions in negotiating the definitive agreements.

- Todd Katz, President

Sanbor Corporation (China)

Now that the dust has settled, I just wanted to thank you for your fortitude and resilience in getting our deal done … at last. I now know how hard it is to complete a corporate sale, especially one in China. When the world was falling apart in 2008, a former suitor could not complete our deal and we were all burned out, you picked up the pieces and helped us start afresh with new energy. The Walden Group pinpointed new acquirers needing a high-end China-based engineering and technical production company and then navigated the maze one more time to a happy conclusion. There were so many “deal wires to connect” and you helped put everything together. Even at the end when special pass-through tax allocation expertise was required by both sides, you brought in just the right talent to solve the problem.

- Wayne Meng, President

Columbia Medical & Surgical, Inc.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you provided in helping us to find a buyer for our medical company. Your extensive experience, knowledge and contacts in the medical field provided us with a broad base of qualified buyers. We appreciate your daily contact and advice during the process to keep us up to date with the companies which were the best prospective buyers. Your personal treatment of us during such a hectic time made us feel you were a true friend with our best interests at heart

- Larry & Emily Smith