Corporate Sales and Divestures

We offer a customized sell-side” approach reflecting a close-to-operations focus, in-depth healthcare clinical and market experience and a firm understanding on how to gain traction with sophisticated acquirors.

  • Level The Playing Field
    Provide a sophisticated approach in dealing with large multi-nationals and savvy private equity firms that is credible and impressive, building upon a 20-year reputation for excellence, effectiveness and trustworthiness.
  • Pre-Existing Relationships
    Typically have pre-existing relationships with most prospects.
  • Customized Approach
    Some transactions might involve a close-to-the vest approach, others a broader one. We carefully review all prospects with our client and contour the process to their interests.
  • Thoughtful Process
    Deal material includes impressive analytics and other information, but we are highly selective of the content. We generate interest and deal momentum based on a foundation of substance, credibility and rapport.
  • Comprehensive Approach To Valuation
    Takes into account all engines that drive value — those producing revenue and profits currently and those that have yet to hit the market or reach their potential.
  • Incisive Analysis Of Offers
    Analyze competing offers, structure them, and negotiate them, with due consideration to all tangible and intangible factors.
  • Guidance To Closing
    Once an LOI is signed, we help our clients, their lawyers and their accountants with definitive acquisition agreements, disclosure schedules, interim financial reports and many other matters.