Acquisition Searches

We represent large strategics and sophisticated private equity firms to enhance their deal flow. We deliver one-on-one, non-auction acquisition opportunities with target businesses that fit our client’s acquisition criteria.

  • Solidifying Acquisition Parameters
    Add an important expert outside perspective in defining synergies, providing context in many operational areas.
  • Develop Prospect List
    May involve U.S. and non-U.S. companies and depending upon the assignment, the prospect list can be lengthy or more concentrated.
  • Initial Interactions
    Contact prospects on a highly diplomatic and credible basis, developing a mutually respectful rapport with the target companyand its principals. Initial interaction typically involves a high elevation discussion to gain insight, gather information, and develop rapport, all as a foundation for possible later involvement for our client.
  • Client Involvement
    Assist clients in obtaining enough information and insight so that they have the basis for deciding whether to engage and propose a deal.
  • Valuation And Negotiations
    With expert financial and legal M&A skills, we are expert at valuation dynamics and negotiating deal terms.
  • Steps Toward Closing
    Assist in various review functions and due diligence, including assessing market direction, customer concentration, dependencies on vendors, personnel and other key relationships, and other matters. We break logjams during definitive agreement negotiations and navigate to a closing.