Halma Plc

Thanks for your support. I don’t think (no, I’m certain) the Visiometrics deal wouldn’t have happened without Walden’s efforts.

- Bill Heinzmann, Sector Finance Director - Medical

Barnes & Thornburg Llp (Law Firm)

I was telling Todd yesterday that you were one of the most professional, sharp and enjoyable Investment Bankers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working in my 30 years of doing this, and I’ve worked with tons of IBs over the years. You are a real pro with whom I look forward to the opportunity to work again!

- David Millard, Partner

Endo Optiks Inc.

Thank you so much for your expert guidance and involvement in all facets of the recent sale of our ophthalmic, micro-endoscopy business. We felt you melded so seamlessly with us that you were part of our company.  Your rare skill set, combining extensive corporate law knowledge with decades of investment banking experience, was invaluable.

It took several years for ophthalmic surgeons to become comfortable utilizing our proprietary, triple-function endoscopy rather than an operating microscope for diagnostics and treatment.  The endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation (ECP) procedure we pioneered was initially confused with more invasive procedures.  We were so impressed with your understanding of these dynamics in presenting our company to prospective acquirers based on the science and safety/efficacy data, which demonstrated superior patient outcomes compared to other surgical techniques.

Your painstaking work mirrored ours, and we are delighted to now have our technology and products in the hands of Beaver-Visitec International.  Their resources and commitment will surely facilitate further market penetration for the benefit of clinicians and patients.  You understood that our systems represent a new and better standard of care that warranted far greater usage both domestically and internationally.

We especially want to thank you for your detailed negotiating skills, resulting in a doubling of the purchase price from the initial proposal and providing several options for increased consideration from future performance.  Your “all in” approach, diligence, professionalism, and persistence were evident in every phase of the negotiating and sale process.

- Steve Kohn
CEO and Co-Founder, Endo Optiks, Inc.

JoviPak Corporation

I’ll always remember the phone call from a good friend and business associate saying, “If you are thinking of selling your business, whatever you do, “DON’T try to sell it yourself!” Call Richard Cohen at the Walden Group. He will take good care of you. And, yes, Richard did. I knew exactly what my friend was trying to tell me as I had spent over a year on the proverbial “emotional roller coaster” and was getting nowhere. I can’t thank The Walden Group enough. They helped me along every step of the way and I ended up getting nearly twice what I had anticipated.

- JoAnn Rovig,President

Life Systems, Inc.

Sincere thanks for the expert advisory work Walden provided me, my family and Life Systems in the sale to Steris. I know it was a bit unconventional to ask if Walden could represent both parties after you approached us on behalf of Steris. But after we got to know the personable and responsible manner in which Walden treats both sides, it seemed a natural request. We were so glad that Steris consented to your working on our behalf because we needed your “buttoned up” approach to make our case and clear the hurdles to closing. Your guidance to help us reflect the major investments in salespersons and other resources was pivotal in our valuation. Being able to persuasively present future growth and earnings as if it occurred now was key in obtaining a valuation that recognized the business engine we built.

By strengthening our side and our dealings with Steris, you added immeasurable value in getting the deal done.

- Jeff Lay, CEO