Jarit Surgical Instruments


We were very discerning in selecting an investment banking firm and even more exacting in weighing Jarit’s strategic options and considering a corporate sale.

In choosing the Walden Group not only did we make the right choice, but the full dimension of the relationship went far beyond our expectations. These were difficult times for us. True, Jarit was having another record year. But the company’s beloved founder, my father, had taken ill, and personal and succession issues permeated the decision-making. There were several issues that needed to be handled with great care. We had great gratitude for the Jarit organization and wanted this seasoned and highly effective group to continue beyond any transaction.

Of course, we wanted full value, but there were other factors at stake. Through a careful, extraordinarily close-to-the-vest process, your team internalized our thinking and judgments. With clarity and foresight, and highly skillful negotiating, Walden navigated a highly confidential process that fulfilled all of our interests. Not only was Walden the driver in our obtaining full value, optimizing tax and foreign currency issues, but it also played an integral role in making our senior team becoming comfortable with the transaction and in integration planning.

Your firm’s industry knowledge and close relations with senior executives were invaluable assets. But, most of all, Jarit Instruments and the Jamner family appreciated your firm’s attention to detail and concern for every nuance. You earned our trust and we couldn’t be more satisfied.