Shaerer Mayfield USA, Inc.


Many complements on how The Walden Group crafted the divestiture of the Mayfield Cranial Fixation Line. Although your firm was hired for other reasons, you astutely identified this transaction as addressing the differing needs of both our Swiss-based majority corporate shareholder and the minority individual investors. We credit your in-depth relationships within the neuro-surgery market in arranging for and negotiating a deal that initially seemed beyond reach, but over time became a reality. We so much appreciate your guiding us on how to present our core product line and bring out its full potential, knowing the buyer’s needs and resources. The result was a wonderfully high price.

The deal was complicated, with many tax, intellectual property and business points. We lost track of how many lawyers and advisors were involved. Yet, you diplomatically kept every-thing on track, always mindful of the big picture. We especially appreciated your personal interest in assisting our employees and helping out with our organization’s transition and welfare.