EZ Way Inc.


Congratulations to you and to the staff of The Walden Group on a job very well done.

From the beginning of our relationship your firm has maintained the highest ethical standards. You did a first class job in analyzing and understanding our company. You had a thorough understanding of the regulatory issues, of the macro trends in the industry and of the economics of our customer base all of which were so important to the presentation of our company and to our growth plans. You then produced documentation that presented us in a very fair manner while emphasizing our strengths and potential.

You managed the process of contacting potential acquires in a manner that all but dazzled the imagination and resulted in many firms expressing an interest in pursing a transaction with us. This gave us a choice of acquirers on terms that were most acceptable to all our shareholders.

When we came toward the end of the process your transactional advice and your negotiating skills were superb.

I assure you that any future transaction we pursue in the healthcare field, will find us represented by The Walden Group. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any potential clients.