Diebold, Inc.

Just a word of thanks for your expert and steady hand keeping the two Diebold business unit divestitures on track and in place. The Walden Group developed interest from large specialized distributors all over the world, many of which were unknown to us, and we were very satisfied that no ‘stone was left unturned’.

Our transactions were intricate, involving physical assets, multi-level software, complex intellectual property right issues, and arrangements for manufacturing and servicing. At times, negotiations with some parties were tensioned-filled. Yet, The Walden Group added sage advice and sophisticated guidance to navigate the deals to the most appropriate buyer and help obtain the most advantageous pricing and terms.

We regard your firm not only as a business relationship, but also as friends, and are most grateful for your assistance in this endeavor.

- Kevin Newton

Disetronic Holding AG (Switzerland)

We cannot begin to thank you for the relentless effort The Walden Group applied to divesting our contract manufacturing business. You left no stone unturned.

At first, the difficulty involved sorting out the numerous offers you procured and synchronized. When the first deal fell through a week before closing, you kept us on track, kept morale high, and in record time arranged for five more offers. The ultimate buyer closed within 4 weeks of your first contacting them, and you skillfully orchestrated all bidders to proceed to a final contract without an exclusive review period.  Your advice for our team to pay close attention to the buyer’s post-closing integration plan was instrumental in eliminating closing risk the second time around. And your participation in the legal and due diligence process — working closely with our attorneys and even drafting portions of the documents — cut out so many delays.

The Walden Group performed at the highest professional levels under the incredible time pressure we asked you to operate under. You passed the test in Olympic form and we are extremely grateful.

- Executive Office

Phoenix Health Care Products, LLC

Just a note to thank you for the accomplished and professional manner in which you arranged the sale of Phoenix Health Care Products.

I recognize that our customer base and requirement for a real estate solution posed some significant challenges – not to mention an unexpected environmental problem and a foreign acquirer.

We were all impressed with your knowledge of the industry as well as your tenacious pursuit of our objective.  Of course, I would be glad to speak to any of your potential clients regarding my experiences working with the Walden Group.

I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.

- President

Endolap Incorporated

A few weeks have now passed since we closed the transaction pursuant to which, Endolap Incorporated was acquired by Allegiance Healthcare.

When we retained the Walden Group to represent us in the sale of Endolap, we of course expected to be the beneficiary of the high level of professionalism for which the Walden Group is known in the industry.

What we did not expect was the quality and the number of potential acquirers that you introduced to the transaction and which you engaged in serious negotiations.  The process that you set in motion, and that you were critical in concluding, resulted in our having our choice of acquirers, and our attaining transaction terms that were most satisfactory to our shareholders.

Please thank your entire staff for a “job well done” and accept my personal thanks, for representing us in a manner that reflected great credit on both The Walden Group, Incorporated and Endolap, Incorporated.

- President

Hollister Incorporated

Just a note to thank you for your help in selling Hollister’s Hot/Ice business.  I know it was not easy, but your client list produced several purchasers which we would not have found on our own.

The company who purchased the business is well matched with the Hot/Ice product line.  In fact, from offer through due diligence to closing took less than two months.

Thank you once again for your help.

- Executive Officer