Walden Group Healthcare M&A Blog

  • iSchemaView (RapidAI) Acquires EndoVantage

    iSchemaView Inc. d/b/a/ RapidAI, a developer of an advanced cerebrovascular imaging platform, purchased EndoVantage, producer of the “Find, Track and Treat” cerebral aneurysm management platform.  The deal provides RapidAI with the capability to automate the entire cerebral aneurysm and stroke workflow from initial assessment, to growth...
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  • Steeper Group Acquires College Park Industries’ Espire Elbow 

    UK-based orthotics and prosthetics producer Steeper Group has acquired College Park Industries’ Espire elbow prostheses range.  The Espire range includes five mechanical elbow models with prosthetic elbow joint control enabling patients to perform everyday weight-bearing activities.  The acquisition builds on Steeper’s upper limb product...
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  • Nordson Corporation Acquires Fluortek 

    Nordson Corporation, a $2.2b developer of dispensing and fluid management systems for adhesives, industrial coatings, sealants, paints, polymers, fluids and biomaterials, has acquired Fluortek Inc., a maker of precision plastic extrusion products.  Fluortek’s offerings include polytetrafluoroethylene, heatshrink, micro-bore, fluoropolymer,...
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  • Conventus Orthopaedics, Inc. Acquires Flower Orthopedics

    Conventus Orthopaedics, developer of a self-expanding nitinol cage technology for repairing fractured wrists, elbows, and shoulders and portfolio company of healthcare investment firm Deerfield Management, has acquired Flower Orthopedics, a maker of disposable, sterile-packed, implant and instrument kits.  Flower complements Conventus’...
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  • The Walden Group Releases Interim Healthcare Industry Report

    The Walden Group is pleased to provide access to an Interim Healthcare Industry Report providing a window into how the healthcare industry is taking steps to resume some semblance of normality. It discusses how medical practices and hospitals are carefully opening up, compliant with Covid-19 safety guidelines. It unpacks the effect of the pandemic...
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