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  • Factors that Shaped 2014 Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

    Healthcare M&A in 2014 was characterized by seismic changes. More than 40 deals were announced or closed with a value over $1 billion – 8 were over $10 billion. Here are the key factors that shaped the environment for healthcare mergers and acquisitions and healthcare investment banking. Healthcare Reform’s Effects Continue to Ripple...
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  • Q3 2014 Healthcare M&A Trends

    In Q3 2014. big deals continued to dominate the healthcare M&A headlines, with transformative divestitures and restructurings also reshaping the landscape. Large scale M&A activity is how large companies are adapting to the new healthcare environment.  In the new environment, tight government and hospital budgets loom large and cost has...
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  • Urology Trends 2014

    Key dynamics in the urology sector, helping to fuel healthcare M&A activity, include: Urological Devices Market Expansion Fueled by increases in sales of urinary catheters and urological endoscopes, the U.S. urological devices market is estimated to reach over $5.4b by 2016. Urinary continence products account for almost 40% of the market ...
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  • 2014 Spine Surgery Sector Trends

    As a backdrop to healthcare M&A actvitiy, leading dynamics in the spine surgery sector include: Minimally invasive Spine Surgeries (MISS) increasingly being used to implant lumbar fusion devices, interspinous fusion systems, spinal non-fusion devices and to perform more simple procedures, such as discectomies. Traditional surgery requires a...
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  • Dental Market Trends 2014

    As part of our Healthcare M&A and strategic consulting services, we offer the following overview of the Dental market as a context to understand mergers and acquisitions in the sector. Changing Demographics The aging population and increased awareness drive the demand for aesthetic and functional dentistry. Approximately 10% of people over...
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