Walden Group Healthcare M&A Blog

  • Nexelis Acquires Integrated Bioanalytical CRO AIT Bioscience

    Nexelis, a Canada-based provider of advanced assay development and laboratory testing services in infectious, oncologic, and metabolic diseases and an Ampersand Capital Partners portfolio company, has acquired AIT Bioscience, LLC, a U.S.-based integrated bioanalytical laboratory with liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and...
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  • Medtronic to Acquire Medicrea

    Medtronic plc, a major, $28.9b medical device maker of cardiovascular, orthopedic, spinal and other surgical devices, is buying Medicrea, a France-based developer of patient-specific, 3D-printed titanium spinal implants and related workflow software that helps surgeons use predictive modeling to digitally reconstruct a patient’s spine profile....
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  • LGC Limited Purchases The Native Antigen Company

    UK-based producer of diagnostic reagents LGC has purchased The Native Antigen Company (NAC), a UK-based supplier of recombinant viral and bacterial antigens, antibodies and immunoassays. NAC was among the first companies to offer antigens for SARS-COV-2 on a global scale.  The deal adds >60 viral and infectious disease products to...
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  • Teladoc Health Acquires InTouch Health for $154.6m 

    Teladoc Health, Inc. (NYSE: TDOC), a $553.3m provider of virtual healthcare services purchased InTouch Health, a producer of telehealth software and devices including tablets, remote monitoring systems and portable carts that mount HDMI-enabled televisions or monitors for physicians to view patients during telehealth appointments.  The...
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  • LeMaitre Vascular Acquires Artegraft

    LeMaitre Vascular, a $117.2m maker of specialized catheters, shunts and grafts to treat peripheral vascular disease has acquired Artegraft, Inc., a developer of bovine carotid artery-derived biologic grafts used to treat hemodialysis access patients, for $72.5m upfront and milestones of up to $17.5m.  Artegraft’s sales grew 10% in 2019. ...
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