Columbia Scientific Incorporated

As our attorney has said, your firm went well beyond what we expected from an investment banking firm in bringing about the sale of Columbia Scientific. You were integral to every step of the process.

During our negotiations and dealings with Materialise, you assisted our accountants, attorneys and company in providing expert advice and know-how. You kept the transaction on track during difficult moments, knowing when and how to push for better terms. Your trans-Atlantic efforts to complete the critical last-minute details for the international letter-of-credit were particularly commendable.

So much of the process involves trust and judgment, and Charlie and I felt 100% confident that you represented our best interests at all times.

It was a pleasure working with the Walden Group, and would enthusiastically recommend your firm to others.

- Britt M. Fox

Argentum Group

I want to thank you for the outstanding service that you performed for our company. We respect the highly professional and ethical manner in which The Walden Group managed the process. It is rare that we have the opportunity of dealing with a firm that has the consistent quality and skillful transactional capability that has been displayed by your firm. I sincerely believe that The Walden Group is without equal in the medical market. I look forward to working with you on many transactions in the years to come.

- Daniel Raynor

Scrip Inc.

In this life it is not very often that we get more than we expect. I can’t say enough about The Walden Group. My advice to anyone who wants to sell a healthcare-related company is to go with The Walden Group.

- John Schlicksup


Several weeks have passed since the closing on the sale of our company. In looking back at the course of events from January to the closing in July, which I must admit is something of a blur, I have come to realize and appreciate the vital role that you played in the negotiation process and in the sale of the business.

I was delighted that The Walden Group represented me in a straightforward and thoroughly professional manner. You presented my company fairly and forthrightly and yet managed to highlight its strengths and potential in a way that yielded an excellent agreement.

Thanks again for all your help and support. I hope to see you again in the very near future.

- Oliver H. Bodine, Jr.

Bond Healthcare

It is not often in today’s society when you find people who not only work extremely hard, but also care about the outcome; not because of any financial gain associated with it, but because they are a genuinely good people. Again, thank you for your hard work.

- Mark Bond, Founder