Riverpoint Medical


We know Riverpoint is a special company but we also know that from a distance outsiders could mischaracterize us as just another suture company in a niche dominated J&J. We choose The Walden Group because we wanted a piercing, non-cookie cutter approach. We wanted a firm that would roll up its sleeves and dig deep to fully understand every detail of implantable fiber and every nuance of our business and corporate personality. We wanted a firm that could appreciate and convey all dimensions of our special qualities. We wanted a firm with the experience and judgment to guide us through the transactional maze and help us select the merger partner best suited for us.  Your naming the project “Runway” perfectly described our huge potential and need to fly.

So, we thank you for all the amazing work you did for us.  Our entire family appreciated and enjoyed all the late nights, intensive calls, and fun dinners.  You are an inspiration and our memories will last forever.  You gave us a wonderful learning experience and a great result. Thanks to you, everyone at Riverpoint is moving forward to a bright future.