Life Systems, Inc.


Sincere thanks for the expert advisory work Walden provided me, my family and Life Systems in the sale to Steris. I know it was a bit unconventional to ask if Walden could represent both parties after you approached us on behalf of Steris. But after we got to know the personable and responsible manner in which Walden treats both sides, it seemed a natural request. We were so glad that Steris consented to your working on our behalf because we needed your “buttoned up” approach to make our case and clear the hurdles to closing. Your guidance to help us reflect the major investments in salespersons and other resources was pivotal in our valuation. Being able to persuasively present future growth and earnings as if it occurred now was key in obtaining a valuation that recognized the business engine we built.

By strengthening our side and our dealings with Steris, you added immeasurable value in getting the deal done.