Katena Products, Inc.


Michael and I would like to thank Walden Group for successfully concluding the sale of Katena Products, Inc to Cortec Group, but most of all, I want to thank you personally for the superb job you did to help and guide us through this transaction. From the day we started talking to you about the possible sale of Katena, you carefully guided us through the process of selling a business, a process we had never experienced before. Your help in assembling the numbers and company details for a presentation to potential buyers was invaluable.

With your firm’s deep knowledge of the medical field and the investment banking business, you helped us to carefully select from a list of potential buyers. You always gave your full attention to every detail and answered the many questions we had. You made all of the arrangements for our presentations and guided us through the process with such diligence that, after the third time we were able to almost do it in our sleep. While we knew we had built a great company, we were still shocked when we received more than 6 serious and ‘informed’ offers in short order.

You were always there for us every day throughout the stressful “due diligence” process, and your counsel and, when necessary, diplomatic mediation between buyer and seller, as well as their respective law firms, cleared several logjams. Your experience, excellent judgement and professionalism prevailed throughout the entire process and I know we could not have done it without you. You are a professional and I will be glad to recommend you to any future client.