Disetronic Holding AG (Switzerland)


We cannot begin to thank you for the relentless effort The Walden Group applied to divesting our contract manufacturing business. You left no stone unturned.

At first, the difficulty involved sorting out the numerous offers you procured and synchronized. When the first deal fell through a week before closing, you kept us on track, kept morale high, and in record time arranged for five more offers. The ultimate buyer closed within 4 weeks of your first contacting them, and you skillfully orchestrated all bidders to proceed to a final contract without an exclusive review period.  Your advice for our team to pay close attention to the buyer’s post-closing integration plan was instrumental in eliminating closing risk the second time around. And your participation in the legal and due diligence process — working closely with our attorneys and even drafting portions of the documents — cut out so many delays.

The Walden Group performed at the highest professional levels under the incredible time pressure we asked you to operate under. You passed the test in Olympic form and we are extremely grateful.