Colby Manufacturing Inc.


Now that our deal is completed, we wanted to thank you for your expert guidance from inception through closing. Your firm captured the essence of our company and skillfully communicated it to the screened parties interested in the deal. After all the work we put in to build the company, it was gratifying that you were able to persuasively convey the entry barriers protecting our important non-patented products — branding, product line quality and breadth, customer service, etc.

We appreciated your steering around competitors and potential competitors and your doggedness in winnowing the group of potential buyers to a smaller number that had the wherewithal and high motivation to make the deal and reduce the risk of not closing.

Your hands-on advice extended well-beyond the transaction, helping us with on employee matters, the size of trade show booth, personal tax issues and other matters important to our lives.

Last, we especially appreciate your ability to capture a full valuation, including the growth that we expect in the future. Can we finally pop the Champagne?