Walden Group Healthcare M&A Blog

  • LGC Limited Purchases The Native Antigen Company

    UK-based producer of diagnostic reagents LGC has purchased The Native Antigen Company (NAC), a UK-based supplier of recombinant viral and bacterial antigens, antibodies and immunoassays. NAC was among the first companies to offer antigens for SARS-COV-2 on a global scale.  The deal adds >60 viral and infectious disease products to...
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  • Teladoc Health Acquires InTouch Health for $154.6m 

    Teladoc Health, Inc. (NYSE: TDOC), a $553.3m provider of virtual healthcare services purchased InTouch Health, a producer of telehealth software and devices including tablets, remote monitoring systems and portable carts that mount HDMI-enabled televisions or monitors for physicians to view patients during telehealth appointments.  The...
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  • LeMaitre Vascular Acquires Artegraft

    LeMaitre Vascular, a $117.2m maker of specialized catheters, shunts and grafts to treat peripheral vascular disease has acquired Artegraft, Inc., a developer of bovine carotid artery-derived biologic grafts used to treat hemodialysis access patients, for $72.5m upfront and milestones of up to $17.5m.  Artegraft’s sales grew 10% in 2019. ...
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  • iSchemaView (RapidAI) Acquires EndoVantage

    iSchemaView Inc. d/b/a/ RapidAI, a developer of an advanced cerebrovascular imaging platform, purchased EndoVantage, producer of the “Find, Track and Treat” cerebral aneurysm management platform.  The deal provides RapidAI with the capability to automate the entire cerebral aneurysm and stroke workflow from initial assessment, to growth...
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  • Steeper Group Acquires College Park Industries’ Espire Elbow 

    UK-based orthotics and prosthetics producer Steeper Group has acquired College Park Industries’ Espire elbow prostheses range.  The Espire range includes five mechanical elbow models with prosthetic elbow joint control enabling patients to perform everyday weight-bearing activities.  The acquisition builds on Steeper’s upper limb product...
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