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  • The Walden Group Releases Q1 2023 Strategic Healthcare M&A Report

    The Walden Group is pleased to provide access to its Q1 2023 Strategic Healthcare M&A Report, which includes:        Q1 2023 Market Overview      Noteworthy M&A Deals By Sector      Top Deals > $100m in Transaction Value Announced or Closed in Q1 2023      Performance of Leading Healthcare Companies      Analysis...
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  • Werfen Group Buys Immucor for $2b

    Spain-based manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic instruments Werfen has acquired Immucor, a manufacturer of transfusion and transplant diagnostic devices.  The acquisition adds platelet detection, diagnostic analyzers, blood monitoring and molecular testing products that help match patients and donors.  Deal terms -- $2b. Keywords:...
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  • The Walden Group Releases 2022 Year-End Strategic Healthcare M&A Report

    The Walden Group is pleased to provide access to its Q4 2022 Strategic Healthcare M&A Report, which includes:       Recent Divestitures and Spin-Offs     Diagnostic and Medical Device Deals with Valuations over $100m     Noteworthy M&A Deals By Sector     Top Deals > $100m in Transaction Value Announced or Closed in 2022  ...
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  • Shockwave Medical to Acquire Neovasc for $100m

    Shockwave Medical, a $237m developer of technologies treating calcified plaque in patients with peripheral vascular, coronary vascular, and heart valve disease, is acquiring Neovasc, a $2.5m Canada-based developer of transcatheter devices treating refractory angina and mitral valve disease.  Deal terms – $100m upfront plus $47m in milestones...
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  • Zimmer Biomet Acquires Embody for $150m

    Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc., a $8.0b maker of orthopedic reconstructive products is acquiring Embody, Inc., a developer of collagen implants for repairing tendons, ligaments and torn rotator cuffs.  The acquisition builds Zimmer Biomet’s sports medicine offerings after it spun-off its dental and spine operations into Zimvie, a separate,...
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