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  • New Signs of Disrupting Healthcare Delivery. Like Apple, Amazon Is Opening Healthcare Clinics

    The retail giant plans to start a Seattle-based clinic, which will serve a small group of employees at first. The program will then be expanded in early 2019, as part of an ongoing quest to reduce health care costs and cut red tape. Apple also started clinics, initially to serve Apple’s employees in Santa Clara County. Recently, Amazon teamed up...
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  • Emergent BioSolutions Is Buying PaxVax For $270m

    Emergent BioSolutions, Inc., a $560.8m specialty pharmaceutical company focused on public health threats,  is buying PaxVax, Inc., a PE- backed company focuses on specialty vaccines against existing and emerging infectious diseases. The deal expands Emergent's specialty vaccine platform. PaxVax's main product include Vivotif, the only oral...
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  • The Impact of Trump’s Tariffs

    President Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports could cost American medical device makers more than $1.5b annually, according to some estimates. MRIs, CT scanners, pacemakers, sonograms and other imaging components were all included in the list of items subject to the 25% tariffs that went into effect on June 6. Also included are a variety of...
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  • Celgene Acquires Juno Therapeutics For $9b

    Celgene Corp., a $12.5b developer of therapies for cancer and inflammatory diseases is buying Juno Therapeutics Inc., a Seattle-based biotech company making cutting-edge cancer immunotherapy treatments. The Deal expands Celgene’s portfolio of blood-cancer drugs. Juno is one of leaders in a new kind of cancer treatment, known as CAR-T, that...
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  • Sweeping New EU Regulations, Taking Effect in 2020, Will Create Upheavals in The European Medtech and IVD Markets

    Starting in 2020 medtech firms will be competing in a significantly more complicated European market. New Medical Devices Regulations (MDR) were written to strengthen device safety standards but they will make it far more onerous and expensive for medtech firms to market their products in Europe.  Because of the MDR, many smaller companies may...
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