Walden Advises Halma plc (LSE:HLMA) in its acquisition of Visiometrics, S.L. (Barcelona, Spain)


The Walden Group is pleased to announce that it has advised Halma plc, a UK-based public company, in its acquisition of Visiometrics, S.L., located outside Barcelona, Spain. On Halma's behalf, The Walden Group identified Visiometrics as a strategic fit, cultivated a relationship with Visiometrics' principals, advised Halma on the transaction, and assisted in its completion.

Visiometrics is a fast growing business that designs, manufactures and markets ophthalmic diagnostic instruments. Its products are used to measure objectively a person’s visual acuity and can detect very early stages of cataract formation. The objective measurement method allows a doctor to select, plan and monitor the appropriate treatment for each patient. Conventional measures of visual acuity are subjective and require input from the patient and/or judgment from the doctor to determine the appropriate course of action.

Halma's press release announcing the transaction can be viewed here: Halma's Press Release.

  • About Halma
    With over 5,400 employees in nearly 50 subsidiary businesses based in 23 countries, Halma operates in four sectors: Process Safety (products which protect assets and people at work); Infrastructure Safety (products which detect hazards to protect assets and people in public spaces and commercial buildings); Medical (products used to assess eye health, assist with eye surgery and primary care applications, as well as fluidic components such as pumps, probes, valves and connectors used by medical diagnostic OEMs; and Environmental & Analysis (products and technologies used for analysis in safety, life sciences and environmental markets).
  • About Visiometrics
    Visiometrics was a privately-owned pioneer in ocular diagnostics. Its HD Analyzer employs double-pass retinal imaging, using a punctual light source that is imaged on the retina. The size and shape of the light are analyzed by the system in order to determine higher order aberrations and scattered light. The system provides users with the Point Spread Function (PSF), Objective Scattering Index (OSI), as well as the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF). The HD Analyzer can be used for, among other things: diagnosing and monitoring the evolution over time of pathologies or refractive disorders;evaluating the level of light scatter (OSI) for the early detection of cataracts and the determination of its degree of maturity; evaluating tear film quality; and objectively measuring the amplitude of accommodation and pseudoaccommodation.
  • About The Walden Group
    The Walden Group
    is a healthcare investment banking and consulting firm combining merger & acquisition and strategic consulting services. Its approach is close-to-operations in lockstep with business development and C-Suite executives of medical device, diagnostic, healthcare IT, service and other companies within the sector. It represents companies seeking to divest operations find a "home" within a larger operating or privately equity firm that can better commercialize its product lines. It also represents larger operating companies and financial sponsors seeking to grow by corporate acquisition. It is expert in identifying and building rapport with strategically fitted candidates and guiding transactions to completion. See www.waldenmed.com.