Hologic to Acquire Bolder Surgical for $160m


Hologic, Inc., a $3.8b producer of diagnostics, imaging systems and surgical products for women's health, has acquired Bolder Surgical, LLC, a developer of advanced energy vessel sealing surgical devices. The deal adds a differentiated portfolio of advanced vessel sealing and dissection tools used in laparoscopic procedures. To date, Bolder has focused on pediatric vessel sealing -- Hologic estimates Bolder Surgical's technologies have 5x more applications in OB/GYN applications, Hologic's focus.  Hologic’s existing surgical offerings, include the NovaSure endometrial ablation system for the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding, the MyoSure tissue removal devices for the treatment of intrauterine fibroids and polyps, the Acessa laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation system for the treatment of fibroids, and the Fluent fluid management system for streamlining hysteroscopic procedures. Hologic has made a series of acquisitions this year. In January, it paid $64 million for Somatex, a German manufacturer of breast tumor biopsy equipment, and $230 million for oncology test developer Biotheranostics. In March, Hologic paid $159m for Diagenode, a Belgium-based developer of molecular diagnostic assays and epigenetics products. In April, it paid $795 million for test maker Mobidiag, which produces tabletop-sized hardware for detecting multiple infectious diseases at once at the point of care. Deal terms -- $160m on sales of $10m (16.0x).




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