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The Walden Group tracks industry challenges and trends within our niche:

Medical Devices

Analytical Instruments, Anesthesia Products, Biomaterials, OB-GYN Products, Cardiovascular Devices, Catheters, Dental Products, Diagnostic Imaging, Drug Delivery, In Vitro Diagnostics, Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery Products, Kits and Trays, Ophthalmic Devices, Orthopedic invasive and non-invasive devices, Orthotic and Prosthetics, Packaging Products and Equipment, Pulmonary Devices, Specimen Collection Disposables, Women's Health, Surgical Instruments, Wound Care Technologies, OEM and Branded Technologies.


In Vitro and In Vivo Diagnsotics, Companion Diagnostics, Genetic Tests, Reagents, Immunochemistry tests, Diagnostic Instruments and Equipment, Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassays, Molecular Assays, Coagulation, Hematotogy, Histology, Cytology, Circulating Tumor Cell Technologies, Diagnostic Imaging Products and Software.


Anti-infectives, Blood Substitutes, Cancer Therapies, Cardio-Vascular Drugs, Contrast Agents, Dermatologicals, Drug Delivery Systems, Generics, Natural Products, Nutraceuticals, OTC Products, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Proteins, Vaccines, Veterinary, Wound Care.

Healthcare Information Systems

Billing Systems, Clinical Information Systems, Electronic Medical Records, Hospital Information Systems, Outcome Measurement Systems, Physician Practice Management Systems, Pictorial Archiving Communication Systems, Radiology Information Systems, Surgical Treatment Systems.


Biochemical Products, Biotech Instruments, Human Diagnostics, Human Therapeutics.


Dental Distribution, Direct Marketing (Catalog, Mail Order, On-Line Systems), Hospital Distribution, Private Practice Distribution, Specialty Distribution.

Medical Services

Clinical Laboratories, Diagnostic Imaging Services, Independent Medical Exams, Managed Care, Utilization Review.