To apply for any position, please submit a cover letter and resume to

The position involves financial analysis, modeling, preparation of offering memoranda and supporting information, researching companies and/or product lines mostly within the healthcare industry, interfacing with our clients and parties on the other side of the transaction on a trust basis. The position draws upon skill sets from several backgrounds: investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, market research, accounting, and business development. Healthcare industry knowledge is very helpful. Being proactive and able to take "ownership" for projects is important.

Some of our key differentiators are our in-depth industry knowledge, operations orientation and deep client care and trustworthiness, as opposed to an impersonal, "assembly-line" approach. Therefore, an ideal candidate will be a self-starter with M&A experience, understand how such deals are analyzed, have superlative analytical, problem-solving and interpersonal skills and be able to manage a project on his or her own, with appropriate supervision and assistance.

Senior Positions
The Walden Group considers investment banking or healthcare business development professionals at more senior levels either for employment or other form of collaboration.